The chilling realization that there were millions of other orphaned children struck Mo soon after his dying neighbor thrust the boy into his care. Then Deb, a retired schoolteacher hellbent on saving as many children as possible, upended Mo's loner ways. Together, they forge a small community of unvaccinated survivors.

An unlikely group of heroes emerges from the ashes of civilization to join them:

  • Dee, an inner-city gang member with a violent background
  • Jessica, a med-school dropout struggling to overcome her past
  • Amanda, an IT specialist and secret anti-vaxxer
  • Joshua, a pacifist scientist with a fear of needles
  • Titus and Chris, modern-day MacGyvers whose conflicts threaten the progress of the group

Together, they must face untold horrors while breaking into the homes of the dead to rescue abandoned children before it's too late. But not everyone is on their side, for evil intent lurks in the minds of other survivors.

This is an engrossing tale of speculative fiction. Its premise: five years after the pandemic, the vaccinated population dies off. The few remaining adults, vastly outnumbered by unvaccinated young children, must learn to survive in this post-apocalyptic world. They will need to overcome their polarizing differences and learn to cooperate if they are to succeed in their common goal: the survival of the children.